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Get On With Winter Gardening

  • 11th Feb 2015

Get On With Winter Gardening

One of the best parts about Allens residential caravan parks is the boundless natural beauty of their stunning rural backdrops. Whether you have the pleasure of living in a corner of the Cotswolds or the very Heart of England, you will find rolling hills and ancient woodlands coupled with sprawling farmland and quintessential market towns. Not only does this create a picturesque landscape for you to enjoy, but it also encourages you to pretty up your own patch outside your park home.
Blessed with the right climate and rich soil, the UK is forever green and bursting with plant life. Unlike the scorched surfaces of hot countries or the icy landscapes of colder climes, the UK has a wonderful pop of colour all year round. Jewel coloured pansies and lush conifers are just some of many, many natural trappings that cover the autumn and winter landscape, and they can brighten up a caravan park, even on the dullest of days.
So how can you go about brightening up your slice of the Great British outdoors this cold season? Well, there are lots of options, but you can start by planting a selection of winter bloomers. To help you make the most of winter gardening and any winter bloomers you plant, check out the guide below. Visit our webpage today and learn more about our wide range of holiday homes and locations!
Winter Bloomers:
There are a few choices when it comes to finding winter-friendly flowers, but frost-resistant pansies and violas are the best bet. Pansies especially come in bright jewel colours, from warm oranges and yellows to deep blues and purples, not to mention the two-toned varieties available.
With regular dead-heading and plenty of winter sunshine, pansies can last all season long. They aren’t overly high maintenance, but they do jazz up the garden a treat. To find out more about pansies and how great they will be for your garden this cold season, see here.
What To Watch Out For:
The most obvious challenge for winter gardeners is the weather. Ground frost, snowfall and days of deluges are all detrimental to plants, as well as hazardous to gardeners. There is a selection of plants that are hardy to light frost and snow, but for extended cold snaps and bad bouts of weather, or exceptionally low temperatures, you will need to take precautionary measures.

Cold Season Creepy Crawlies:
Don’t be fooled into thinking that the problem of pests and creepy crawlies is limited to spring and summer alone though. There are winter pests that prove to be a pain to gardeners, year in and year out. Two in particular are slugs and Cabbageworm.


  • For the majority of us, the most we see of slugs in the garden are slimy trails leading here there and everywhere. The colder months are when slug populations become a real pest for gardeners though. Not only do they take the pleasure out of gardening, dotting themselves around your neatly manicured lawn or patio; they also ruin a variety of vegetables and ornamental plants.


  • Imported Cabbageworm is the caterpillar of a small species of butterfly found in gardens across Europe. A pest to agriculture and horticulture, the UK population of Cabbageworm swells each year thanks to our proximity to the Continent. The Cabbageworm feasts on its host plants and even a small population is capable of decimating crops of cabbage, kale, radish, broccoli and horseradish; a real pest for those with winter vegetable gardens.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to winter gardening, but it does offer some good tips to get you started. So dress up your garden this winter, and as you gaze out of the window of your Allens caravans residential park home, you’ll have a colourful picture perfect view, right into spring.

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