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Fun Winter Activities for the Holiday Home

  • 16th Feb 2015

Fun Winter Activities for the Holiday Home

With the winter well and truly here, we can expect to see rooftops laden with frost and snow and the dusky light from street lamps illuminating white, laughter-filled pathways.
This season is a time for family, as well as unpacking the winter clothes and taking a stroll amidst a snowy backdrop. It is also a time for making the most of the beautiful setting that winter offers, whether that means capturing a moment in time or taking to the roads for a trip away.
Though this season doesn’t offer high temperatures, it does come with plenty to do and explore. This could mean setting time aside for nature spotting with the kids or heading to your holiday home for a break from busy schedules. If you are considering the latter, you may be wondering what there is to do during your time away.
For a few fun winter activity ideas, read on. In this blog post from, we will take you through a couple of enjoyable pastimes for both adults and children to enjoy at our Sunbeach holiday park.
For the Kids

  • Build a Snowman

Though building snowmen and snow-pets isn’t just reserved for children, it makes for a wonderful childhood memory. Aside from the nostalgia, building a snowman or snow-family is a great way for kids to work together to create something special. Also, with a little bit of encouragement on your part, you may well see your kids make friends with the other kids on the holiday home park as they put the finishing touches on their masterpiece.

  • Festive Games

If you want an activity that you can try as a family, festive games are always a winner. Whether this means creating a winter version of pin the tail on the donkey or bringing out the board games, this pastime can make your trip away great fun for the little ones.

  • Crafts

 If your children are a little bit older and love to get messy, making  crafts is another activity you can try. You could ask them to create decorations such as snowflakes to hang from the ceiling in the holiday home. Alternatively, you could, as a family, craft a few DIY birthday cards to make things more personal.
For the Adults

  • Campfire on the Lawn

If you are planning a trip as a couple or even on your own without the kids, there is still plenty you can do. Why not invite the neighbours over to share your campfire? To stay safe, it is best to use a portable fire pit with a lid to contain the flames.
For this activity, you could purchase some marshmallows and roast them over the fire or bring a torch along for spooky stories around the campfire.

  • Nature Walks

There’s nothing better than getting back to nature, and winter is one of the best seasons to do so. Not only do you have a lovely collection of seasonal wildlife around this time; the views are unparalleled. So, grab your walking boots and leave your footprints in the snow as you explore the great outdoors.

  • Wine Tasting

Our final activity can also be shared with neighbours and is a lovely way to spend a chilly night in. All you need is a few bottles of wine and lots of glasses, as well as good company. This activity promises plenty of giggles and is a great way to get to know people on your chosen site.
So, don’t spend this winter huddled indoors by candlelight. Make the most of the season by trying one or a combination of these activities one your luxury caravan holiday. For more information on how to go about booking a caravan holiday simply click the link!

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