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Fun Ways to Spend Your Holiday at Sunbeach

  • 11th Nov 2014

Fun Ways to Spend Your Holiday at Sunbeach

Sunbeach Holiday Park is a family-friendly site that welcomes guests with a collection of countryside, beach and mountain walks along with an array of facilities and local attractions. The site is situated in a convenient location that also offers remarkable views and everything you need to enjoy your time away from home. 

Although this site at Allens Caravans has plenty to do even when the weather isn't looking bright, you may want to venture off into the great outdoors or find a few fun ways to spend your holiday on-site as a family.

If you're looking for a few fun things to try during your time away at Sunbeach, why not try one of our suggestions below?

Beach Games

One of the major benefits of staying at Sunbeach Holiday Park is that it is located on the shores of Cardigan Bay. With the beach in arm's reach, why not invest in some beach equipment? All you need is a few inflatable balls, perhaps a net and some bucket and spades to make your own beach games! You can even turn your games into the Beach Olympics, with the grand prize being an ice-cream of the winner's choice.

Some games to try as a family are beach volleyball or beach football; you could even dig a shallow tunnel in the sand and whoever gets their ball to the end of the tunnel first wins! Other activities could include building the biggest sandcastle or sand sculpture. If you're feeling adventurous you could try a quick run of Fill the Bucket or Sand Darts using shells and a DIY sand dart board. You may even want to take a few ‘framed' family snapshots using an empty old picture frame and the stunning views of Cardigan Bay.

Make use of the facilities and document your experiences

As mentioned, there are plenty of amenities to make use of at Sunbeach Holiday Park; not only is there a lot to do off-site including seaside walks, countryside strolls and sea fishing, on-site is just as fun with things like the site's special Driftwood Clubhouse which houses a lovely restaurant, a teenagers' games room and a heated outdoor swimming pool in the summer.

You can also document your experiences, like going to the beach, by taking a few fun snaps of everyone enjoying their time away. You can then pop these photographs in a scrapbook back at the holiday home. You can use a few thin twigs and leaves for your scrapbook to make it look a little more nature-inspired or you can use other mementos from the trip like little shells and ticket stubs of your favourite events and attractions. For more information on our holiday homes click here!

Create a fun, ongoing game for the family

Having an ongoing game throughout the holiday is a great way of getting the family together and getting them involved in something exciting. You can make a list of any wildlife you might see during your trip away such as dolphins and insects, and whoever completes their list by the end of the holiday wins the game! If you don't fancy wildlife spotting, you can always incorporate the classic game of eye-spy into your travels and make a tally of who guesses the most correct answers!

These are just a few fun ways to spend your trip at Sunbeach Holiday Park. Do you have any more that you'd like to add to the list? View more of our holiday homes here

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