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Fun Twists On Holiday Traditions

  • 19th Sep 2014

Fun Twists On Holiday Traditions

British summer holidays are steeped in tradition; from old favourites like seaside arcades and donkey rides on the beach to the draw of Country Estates and Allens caravan holidays, it is the holiday traditions that keep Britain so enchanted with summer.

Sometimes though, it is fun to mix up traditions and add quirky twists. That is why we have compiled this little list of five holiday traditions and how you can add a different slant to them this year. Read on for inspiration.

Strawberries and Cream

To add a twist to this beloved British dish try going on a country walk and gathering your own berries and strawberries. Alternatively, head to a local farmers' market instead of the supermarket to buy quality strawberries packed with flavour. You can even buy in bulk and use the left over to make things like Eton Mess, scones topped with fresh strawberries or even homemade jam.

Rainy Days Indoors

Don't shy away from the Great British weather. Put on your waterproofs and dance in the rain. Ok. Don't dance in the rain but don't hide away from it either. Get out there and go on a walk so you can experience the sweet, intoxicating smell and taste of a damp summer. If you must stay indoors then do something productive instead of honing your card shark skills. Try making a photo album or scrapbook of your holiday memories so that you have something to take away and treasure.

Ice Cream

What is a British summertime without a nice, cold ice cream? Smooth and creamy, super tasty and with just a hint of nostalgia, ice cream is one of Britain's favourite summertime treats. Whether you prefer a classic vanilla, a sweet strawberry or a Mr Whippy with a flake, you will no doubt look forward to an ice cream or two each summer. This year though, why not be a little more adventurous with your ice cream choices? Make your own ice cream for a fun and flavoursome activity. Check out these recipes for vanilla ice cream and all sorts of wonderful ice creams.

Beach Days

Whether you plan on enjoying a luxury caravan holiday on the beach or a day trip to the nearest beach you can find, part of your excitement that surrounds summer is the prospect of beach days. In the UK and abroad, people tend to spend their precious beach days lolling about in the sun which is a shame because the UK's beaches have so much beauty and adventure to offer. So make the most of it this summer and have an active day at the beach; go on a walk along the coastline for as long as you can, take a dip in the water, explore the cliffs and rock pools or even have a game of bowls on the sand. Visit our website today and discover the luxury of an Allen's caravan holiday!


Festivals are big business in the summertime, with plenty of different choices available to suit every age, taste and genre. There are big festivals like Glastonbury for the hard core festival-goers, the Proms for those who prefer a gentler sort of festival and lots of heritage, music and arts festivals on a local level. So whilst you are enjoying your caravan holiday with in Stratford-Upon-Avon, why not check out a local Shakespeare festival? Or maybe there is a heritage festival you can attend in one of Worcestershire's historic towns? Whatever the festival, try and experience a few this year. This might mean splitting your time and visiting a craft fair in the morning and a Cider festival in the afternoon, but either way you get to experience and embrace the fun new atmosphere holidays are all about.

Of course, these are just a few ideas on how to put a twist on Britain's favourite holiday traditions. You can use your imagination and come up with different ways to jazz up your favourite holiday activities and treats, just remember to have fun with it. 

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