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Fun Games For Your Residential Caravan

  • 17th Mar 2015

Fun Games For Your Residential Caravan

When your grandchildren come to visit you at your Allen's residential caravan, it can be difficult to plan in advance.
They could be the easiest children to entertain, but they may still change their minds when they arrive, completely crushing all of your plans. You may have cooked up a platter of sweets and treats, but they could suddenly decide they don’t like what you’ve cooked anymore.
So, rather than worrying about treats, why not think about how you’re going to pass the time?
It can be difficult to find something everyone likes, but instead of fretting over what you’re all going to do, try one of the game ideas below.
There’s nothing more fun than acting out your all-time favourite films and TV shows, which makes Charades a great game to play with the grandchildren. Not only can it provide hours of fun, but it gets everyone up and about.
You can choose different topics, like Disney movies or characters from your favourite family films. If you go down the route of topics, you can always write down a few ideas on pieces of paper and pop them into a hat to mix them up. This will make it even more fun, as well as challenging!
Eye Spy
A simple yet fun game, Eye Spy is the ultimate way to beat boredom. You can even add a little twist to the game and pick objects to choose from i.e. furniture, food, etc. This will make it easier for little ones, as well as make the game more entertaining. The best part though is that it doesn’t require any stationery or equipment - like a board - to play!
Pictionary is a great game for all the family. In this game, you have to demonstrate what your ‘word’ or ‘words’ are by drawing pictures. All you need is a big sheet of paper, a couple of ideas and a hat to mix them all up! A few ideas could include animals, fruits or even TV shows to make it a little more difficult. It’s completely up to you what your topic is. Either way, it’ll be fun and entertaining for all involved. Follow this link for further information on our wide choice of UK holiday parks.
These are just three fun games for your residential caravan. Do you have anymore you would like to add?
Residential caravans are brilliant for a new lease of life and can cater for visiting little ones just as much as they can cater for you, especially in terms of facilities and spacious interiors.
So, next time your grandchildren visit you at one of our residential caravan parks, be sure to try one of these brilliant pastimes whilst the weather keeps you hostage indoors!

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