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Five Ways To Keep Fit On Holiday

  • 4th Mar 2015

Five Ways To Keep Fit On Holiday

One of the most appealing things about enjoying a caravan holiday with Allens Caravans is that our UK holiday parks are located in the heart of England, surrounded by wide open spaces and nature. This means you have plenty of opportunities, and more than enough of an excuse, to spend hours on end exploring the great outdoors.    

As well as the option to get out and about, our parks all have a number of state-of-the-art onsite amenities to make the most of. As such, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you keep yourself thoroughly active and entertained while on holiday.

What's more is that the abundance of outdoor space available and the various amenities on offer, make it easy to stay active and fit while staying at one of our holiday homes. In fact, you could even use your short break with Allens to kick start your health and fitness regime.

For starters, staying in a luxury caravan, away from the madness that is daily life, you will have more time to shop fresh and cook healthy dishes from scratch. More than that though, you will have ample opportunity to get up, stay active and get fit.

Read on to see just five different fitness activities you can enjoy on your break with Allens.

Countryside Walks

Our parks are surrounded by rolling countryside and natural beauty, with plenty of footpaths and back lanes to wander down. The great thing about a countryside walk is that while you are walking, you hardly notice that you're exercising because you are taking in the scenery.

Bicycle Rides

Cycling is a superb way to get your heart rate up, discover new places and get around. As long as you know your road rules, or find a cycle path, the world is your oyster. If the mood strikes, you can even go mountain biking for a bit of an off-road adventure.

Dawn and Dusk Runs

Some people just enjoy running. The simplicity of popping on your running shoes and heading out on the open road, with the breeze in your face, offers a superb way to unwind. Whether you run around the park or go further afield into the surrounding countryside, there will be plenty to keep you entertained.

Swim Laps and Lengths

Most of our parks offer excellent leisure amenities, including a swimming pool. If you like to swim, then getting up a little bit early and clocking a few laps or lengths is a wonderful way to start the day and stay fit. If you are holidaying in the summer, it will be a good way to cool down too.

Yoga or Pilates

Whether you set up on the deck of your holiday home, on a mat on the grass or in front of your DVD player with the windows wide open and letting in fresh air, starting your morning with a Yoga or Pilate's session will help the mind, body and soul.

Now, these are just five of the various activities you can make the most of when on holiday at one of our caravan parks. Depending on which park you choose to stay at, you can enjoy a jog along the beach, take a mountain hike, or walk around a new town or city.

Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to keep active. Of course, this isn't to say you can't enjoy lazing by the pool or taking it easy; just that you need a bit of balance. So book your holiday, pack your trainers, and have fun!

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