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Five Reasons to Love a Last Minute Caravan Holiday

  • 4th Apr 2015

Five Reasons to Love a Last Minute Caravan Holiday

When most of us think about a holiday, we envisage sunny skies and warm temperatures. Staples include ice creams, swimming in an outdoor pool and going home with a tan. Summer holidays are a tradition in the UK, dictated predominantly by the school holidays and when families are available to take holidays together.
As you get older though, you find that you are no longer subject to school rules and strict timetables. You can take a break just as easily – and often, more affordably – in term time, as you can any other week of the year.
So if you don’t fancy having your holidays and freedom controlled by the mass ebb and flow of holidaymaking families, consider taking your break in one of the other three seasons available.
In particular, consider enjoying a last minute caravan holiday this winter. At first, the idea of going away when it is cold and wintry will seem far-fetched, especially considering its polarity to what we usually think of as a ‘holiday’. However, we can assure you that a last minute winter caravan holiday is a best-kept secret.
So read on to see just five of the reasons you should consider treating yourself to a caravan break in a winter wonderland this year.
Beautiful scenery

As stunning as the British countryside is when the fields are green, the skies are blue and everything is in bloom, there is something picture-perfect about a wintry landscape. It isn’t that you need snow; just a dusting of frost or ice can be effective when it comes to creating an early morning postcard view. Plus, there is something breath-taking about a low winter sun on the landscape.
An excuse to lock the door
Usually, when you go on holiday, you will feel obliged to get up, get dressed, and get out and about. If you do choose to have a day lazing by the pool or napping in the room, you will likely feel guilty for wasting the time. However, when you go on holiday in the winter, you are bound to experience dark, wet and dingy days. It is these days that offer the perfect excuse to lock the door, pop the kettle on and settle down while wrapped up in a blanket. In fact, staying in and staying warm is what a winter holiday is for.
Beat those winter blues
A lot of people don’t fare well in the winter. Whether you suffer a mild case of wintry blues or a severe bout of cabin fever, getting away from the everyday stress and enjoying a change of scenery will help to ease those winter blues. You can wrap up warm and enjoy some fresh air outside, or you can indulge in quiet evenings of complete and utter relaxation. Whatever you choose to help you relax, you can take your time and enjoy it in the privacy of your own luxury caravan.
Burn off the post-Christmas calories
We may be a couple of months into the New Year, but most of us will still have a few Christmas cobwebs to dust off. In fact, more than a few of us will also have some calories to burn following all those festive feasts. A caravan holiday is a great way to kick start health and fitness, especially if you make the most of the onsite leisure facilities and the countryside walks and cycle routes surrounding our parks. You will be so busy having fun that you won’t even notice all of those calories you’re burning.
Cheaper and easier than a holiday abroad
Holidays abroad are nice, but they aren’t always the most affordable or practical option. In terms of cost, you have to pay for expensive flights and accommodation, transport and meals, as well as an abundance of tourist traps to keep you busy. On a wintry caravan break though, you pay the petrol to get there, and you might have to do a quick grocery shop. Other than that, you can be as busy or as chilled out as you want. Keep it low-key and stay snug in the caravan or find lots of free and affordable attractions nearby. The logistics, risks and paperwork involved with overseas travel just aren’t an issue with caravans.
These five reasons are just part of why you should turn your attention to a winter caravan holiday in the UK.
Regardless of whether you seek outdoor adventure or indoor relaxation, our luxury caravans and stunning countryside parks are the ideal way to escape.

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