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Feeling Blue?

  • 12th Oct 2015

Feeling Blue?

Autumn has officially arrived. The bright blue sky is beginning to show traces of haze and fog, and you wake up in the morning to misty windows and a cold draught. Shades of red, orange and rust are seen in the places that used to be green not so long ago, and pretty soon, time will be going back an hour, giving that extra hour in bed but drawing in the days and nights considerably. Everywhere you walk, leaves crunch beneath your boots, which were brightly coloured flip flops not long ago. Your evenings now consist of huddling up in front of the fire, with a blanket, watching TV with a warm cup of cocoa. 

The kids are back at school, the constant humdrum and routine of daily life ensues, and gone is the sparkle of sunshine (back to using the tumble dryer, then).

But hold on, this isn’t all necessarily a bad thing. Think Christmas; air filled with warm cinnamon scents and the romantic haze that is autumn. Conkers and leaves will fill the paths towards festive shops full of happy Christmas cheer and song. Market stalls and roasted chestnuts, lights and Christmas decorations, sparkle everywhere you go. This is the most romantic time of year, indeed.

Who said holidays are restricted to summer only? A tan doesn’t constitute a holiday, it’s the company you keep; be it someone else’s or entirely your own.

Here, at Allens Caravans, every day is a holiday, so get away from the humdrum of daily life and come on down to your own little bubble of paradise. Enjoy stunning views and relaxing indoor swimming at some of our holiday parks, a spot of fishing or long romantic walks down by the lake. There are even child-friendly parks, filled with activities for the little ones should you want them to tag along, and of course, pets are welcome too on most of our sites.

So don’t just think about it, give Allens Caravans a call today and make that well-deserved break happen. Put your feet up, relax in your own private bliss and let Allens Caravans take care of you.

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