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Every Cloud

  • 9th Aug 2016

Every Cloud


Are you one of those people who likes to pack everything you own including the kitchen sink, even though you try so hard not to? You always tell yourself you will travel light this time, but things start to pile up as you include more and more "just in case" items. Before you know it, you end up preparing yourself for the worst case scenario and over pack to the extreme in the blink of an eye.

You're eventually trudging along with your ‘fit for an army' suitcase, backpack and trolley bag (not to mention extra-large holdall) wondering why you need so much for just a weekend getaway? Then when you end up just using your essential toiletries and your pyjamas, you're back to square one saying you'll pack light next time!


The key to this packing dilemma is to use multi-functional items or things that serve more than just one purpose. For example, a multi-tool pen knife, universal charger or a mini travel essentials kit. Instead of packing seven outfits for two days, pack some key pieces that work well together for both day and night.

This pared down approach can be applied to every getaway and holiday so why not rethink those essentials and narrow it down; you'll be surprised at how little you actually need and how light you can pack.

 Book a Caravan Holiday

If you're looking for a relaxing break but without all the fuss of currency exchange, passports, tickets and an extortionate amount of money to take, then a caravan holiday might be just what you need.

Not only is it a home from home - albeit with a better view - but you're away from the humdrum of daily life and routine, too. Now you know how to pack lighter, the whole experience will be much more relaxing to boot.

Cue your caravan holiday with Allen's Caravans!

We have many caravan parks and resorts for you to pick from; from quiet and peaceful resorts set in tranquil surroundings to resorts catering for those in the mood for some activity and entertainment - there is something for everyone!

The fun doesn't just stop there, though, if you wish to bring your beloved pet along to some of our selected resorts, then be our guest!

So for your very own taste of home away from home, without having to leave the country, see here, or call us on 01564 792323.


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