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Christmas Hibernation

  • 17th Dec 2015

Christmas Hibernation with Allens Caravans

Typically, those that hibernate; generally experience life slowing down and anticipate a period of suspended activity until winter passes. Can you imagine the bliss of just relaxing your days away in a comfy, cosy caravan? If the idea of leaving the humdrum of everyday life behind this winter sounds good to you, then you might just be in need of some festive hibernation.

The prospect of yet another week of forcing yourself out of bed and to work, when the clouds are thick and brooding; the rain, sleet and snow are forthcoming and the dark days drag on like never before can be too much for some people.

So, pack up the essentials, say goodbye to Wi-Fi, work, bills and stress, for a long weekend, or perhaps a week or two, and just get away from it all. Book a caravan holiday in the UK for a getaway that will transform your winter holiday period into one of peace, relaxation and harmony.

Not only will the prospect of getting away invigorate your festive spirit, but having a rest and getting away from it all is the perfect remedy for beating those typical winter blues.

Here at Allen's, we have the perfect winter retreat destination available to all. Open throughout December, our fabulous Leedons Park Resort is a Cotswold dream come true. Stunning scenery, charming villages and rolling hills make for a picturesque Christmas backdrop.

Booking a spontaneous caravan holiday in the UK this winter might be just what you need, to cure those aching limbs and work fatigue. You can even bring along your beloved pets, because they're part of the family, too.

Leedons Park features an on-site leisure complex complete with indoor pool,  for the days where you just feel like lazing around. For the more adventurous of you, you can explore local cities; Stratford-Upon-Avon and Cheltenham, or have a laid-back stroll through the Cotswold Hills.

If you've got a touch of wanderlust but can't give up a traditional Christmas by the log fire with your family, then a festive caravan holiday in the UK might be just the ticket. For more information and to book your spot, as there isn't long left to get in one last retreat before the end of the year, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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