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Celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day with Allens

  • 10th Jul 2017

Teddy Bear Picnic

Are you looking for an excuse to head out this summer? Did you ever really need an excuse, anyway? On Monday 10th July, we encourage you to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day at one of our caravan holiday parks.

In honour of the day, invite your friends, children and family to join you at our caravan parks for a picnic with your favourite stuffed bear. What better way to enjoy the fine summer weather than surrounded by your loved ones, all accompanied by their teddies?

Picnic Essentials for our Caravan Holiday Parks

For the perfect teddy bear picnic, you will need an assortment of sandwiches, salad and other scrumptious snacks for everyone to enjoy. At our parks, you will find space aplenty to settle down for a bite to eat, or you can head out further afield and explore the nearby greenery. After all, the woods are a bear's natural habitat!

Alternatively, you can set up your picnic table right by your caravan and invite guests to come by. All guests are to enjoy the same benefits as our holidaymakers and residents, meaning that they can make full use of onsite attractions and shops.

Summers BBQs

If a BBQ is more to your liking, we are sure that Teddy won't object too much. At our caravan holiday parks, we encourage all of our guests to make use of the facilities and enjoy the summer sun however they please.

At our onsite shops, you will find all of the BBQ essentials that you will need to ensure that all of your guests are satisfied and full up. Sausages, burgers and kebabs are ready for the grill, but there is nothing stopping you from adding your own specialities. After all, your BBQ, your rules! Don't forget if it rains you can always stick to cooking inside.

On-Site Restaurants

If you have decided to come to one of our holiday parks, the chances are that you do not want to spend your time cooking for yourself. After all, it is your holiday and it is your time to relax - we understand that.

That is why at all of our caravan holiday parks you will find onsite restaurants where you can come in and enjoy a fantastic meal. Even Teddy might prefer to dine at one of our restaurants, which also offer both hot and cold snacks, meals and drinks.

If you would like more information on booking a summer break with Allens Caravans, please call the team on 01564 792323 today.

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