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Caravans at Christmas – the Essentials

  • 14th Dec 2015

Caravans at Christmas – the Essentials

Long gone are the days when the caravan season was over at the end of summer. More and more modern caravans come equipped to withstand colder weather, making year-round caravan holidays a reality. As a result, there are plenty of UK caravan sites offering winter pitches for those wanting a festive getaway - including Allen's very own Weir Meadow in Worcestershire.

For those of you that are looking to get on the road over the next few months, there are a few things you need to prepare for and be aware of.

  • Remember to drain your water system when NOT in use to prevent it freezing over and causing damage.  Consider using an insulation sleeve for added protection
  • Keep wheels and brakes well maintained
  • Use a dehumidifier in the caravan to prevent damp in colder weather
  • Choose a pitch that is protected by a wall or hedge, and away from areas where water could pool
  • Use heavy duty pegs for awnings to keep it firmly in the ground during bad weather, particularly with strong winds
  • If it snows, be prepared. Move electrical cables around to prevent damage and failure, and clear settled snow away the caravan, clearing vents
  • Extra use of lighting and heat may take its toll on your battery; take a spare leisure battery and keep both charged
  • Take extra blankets, duvets and thermals
  • Take lots of layers - thin and thick vests, t-shirts, jumpers, fleeces and socks - as many as you can take. Cold feet are horrible!
  • Plenty of supplies. Many shops have limited opening hours during the winter. In case of adverse weather, stock up on essential tins to keep you going and plenty of bottled water
  • Remember all your breakdown essentials: torch, batteries, warning triangles, hi-vis jackets, jack, de-icer, WD40, snow shovel, ice scraper and grip mats

Top Tip: Switch to Propane instead of Butane - it's lower boiling point means it is much more reliable in cold weather!

Christmas on the road doesn't have to change tradition - consider a festive Christmas BBQ (depending on the weather) to enjoy the traditional turkey and all the trimmings dinner. It will certainly be a Christmas to remember.

If Christmas in your caravan sounds appealing, then our Weir Meadow site is perfect for you. It is important to choose a UK caravan site that provides electricity and water facilities over the colder months, and it certainly does and so much more. Featuring free Wi-Fi, 40 pegs to choose from and a laundry room, you can't go wrong with Allens Caravans this winter.

For more information,  contact us or to book your getaway at Weir Meadow, please call 01386 442417.

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