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Caravans and Celebrity Culture

  • 17th Jul 2014

Caravans and Celebrity Culture

If you thought family caravan holidays with were resigned purely for the common folk you'd be wrong. Even celebrities nowadays are embracing the humble caravan; a U-turn from the super yachts, private islands and private jets that are usually splashed over the papers. No longer will we feel ashamed of our homes away from home, as the likes of Jamie Oliver, Peter Kay and Steve Mcfadden all are the proud owners of caravans. Whey!

It would seem caravans have obtained some sort of celebrity status; popular personalities seem keen to ditch their convertibles for caravans. Whether it's down to economics, culture or just for the fun of it celebrities have caught the caravanning bug! Could this mean a complete overhaul of holidaying as we know it!? Well whatever their reasons, it's important to consider the possible ramifications for the rest of us in the caravanning world.

The Advantages of Celebrities Adopting Caravanning

  • Higher publicity - If a product or service is endorsed by a well-known figure it is then (usually) thrust into the spotlight for the masses to gorge on. The same could be said for caravanning, the inherently British past time has seen a large resurgence in recent years.
  • Invitation for innovation - Companies are more likely to want to develop a greater range of new and exciting products for pre-existing merchandise if the demand is high.
  • Brand battles - Using celebrities to establish brands and market share is nothing new. Caravanning companies could (if they haven't already) adopt the same strategy to further their own brand.
  • Attracting a new breed of caravan enthusiasts - The draw of celebrities is a big one, if a company gets it just right - marketing advertising and sales etc, they stand to open up the market to an audience that may not have had any interest in caravanning in the first place.

The Disadvantages of Celebrities Adopting Caravanning

  • Inflated Prices - When you consider pretty much any product ever endorsed by a celebrity, you'll notice the premium price tag that comes with it. This is because the level of exclusivity has just been upped. If something appears rare, exclusive or limited then consumers are more than likely to want it. However this sort of exclusivity is like a double - edged sword, if the price exceeds a feasible level or the end product cannot justify the price then consumers won't buy into it.
  • Cheesy promotion - The inevitable fallout of celebrity endorsements are the routinely ridiculously cheesy and repetitive adverts. You know the ones - simplified slogans, catchy theme tunes and loads of fake smiles. Nowadays they come part and parcel with promotion.

Although these points could be widely regarded as hypothetical ramblings, they are probable nonetheless. So you have been warned! Now go trail-blaze those Allens caravan parks before your all-time favourite celebrities make it too expensive!  

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