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Caravan Life: Get On Yer Bike!

  • 14th Jul 2015

Caravan Life: Get On Yer Bike!

Allens' Caravan life; it’s easy-going and enjoyable, with everything moving at a slower pace and gives you plenty of time to take it all in.
Whether you want to have a leisurely look around what’s on your doorstep or you fancy venturing a little further out and exploring the natural and local attractions nearby, you have options. And, if you feel like doing nothing at all, that’s fine too.
Of course, if you do decide to see adventure, you need to consider certain logistics, like travel. Do you take the everyday run around? Make the most of public transport? Or even invest in a hire car for longer, one-off day trips?
Well, the choice is ultimately yours, and it will need to be both practical and suited to your personal preferences. After all, you won’t need a car to picnic on the lake when it’s a three-minute walk from your caravan. Similarly, you won’t want to cart your shopping back a few miles through country lanes…on foot.
So picking a sensible travel option that works well with your needs and provides an enjoyable experience is essential.
And what mode of transport is best suited to the caravan lifestyle? The bicycle!
Yes, these two-wheeled wonders are great all-rounders, suitable for all ages and fitness levels and have many advantages besides. They are particularly suited to the summer weather and the outdoorsy essence of caravanning.
Read on to see just a few reasons you should get on your bike this summer whilst staying with Allens.

Anyone planning or going on holiday will know that budget plays a big role in determining what you do and how much you can do whilst away. That is why it is so important to factor cost into basic things, like getting around. Exploring a new area by bike is far more economical than travelling in thirsty cars and you’ll save on things like parking too. Plus, if you need something to do of an afternoon, but you need to watch the pennies; a bike ride will work a treat.

Driving everywhere might seem like a convenient way to explore and experience things on your caravan holiday,but it isn’t an overly healthy option. You see, when the temperature is up and the sun is out, you’d be far better getting some fresh air and working those muscles by cycling. You don’t have to push too hard because whatever speed and distance you do, you will be healthier than if you were sat down in a stuffy car.

Another benefit of cycling this summer is that it is fun! Even if you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a child, you can have the time of your life working the pedals and letting the breeze fly through your hair. You don’t even have to venture out onto the road if your confidence levels don’t allow for it; just trundle around the caravan park. Whether you take in the natural beauty of our UK parks solo, or a group of you head out to make memories and laugh at yourselves, cycling is a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day!

One of the best things about cycling everywhere is that it is an eco-friendly alternative to driving cars, and even to public transport. You don’t have to worry about emissions, fuel consumption or noise pollution. You just sit, pedal, and go. It’s simple, quick, clean and green, which means you can feel good about all that exploring you’re doing!

Last but not least, the space-efficiency of a bicycle is a major advantage. Not only is a bike easy to store securely in the sometimes limited space afforded by a caravan, but it is also far easier to park up in public spaces, providing you have the appropriate chain and locks. This will free up the time you normally spend searching for a car  parking space, leaving you more time to enjoy your break.
Of course, these five benefits of bicycling everywhere are just a start. You will find plenty of your own reasons to enjoy pedalling around. So without further ado; get to the holiday home and get on your bike!

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