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Caravan Holidays: The Most Efficient Way to Enjoy the UK

  • 10th Aug 2014

Caravan Holidays: The Most Efficient Way to Enjoy the UK

The UK is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy; from its rolling green countryside to its postcard perfect seaside towns. Whatever you want out of your holiday experience, the UK is sure to have something that fits the bill, so you can have a dream holiday at Allens without having to battle your way through international airports and throngs of sunburnt tourists. 

Caravan holidays in particular are a wonderful way of seeing the UK because they allow you to relax with all the creature comforts of home whilst still enjoying the freedom and flexibility of the various natural and tourist attractions that different regions have to offer.

As well as offering freedom, flexibility and a comfortable place to stay, caravan holidays are an incredibly efficient option when it comes to summer trips and weekends away. Not only are they cost and energy efficient, they are also excellent in terms of space and time efficiency. View here for our beautiful range of caravan holilday homes and get booking today!

Read on to see how and why holiday homes are so efficient in more detail.

Cost Efficient

As easy as it is to consider a holiday a ‘necessity', it is still in fact a luxury and thus needs to be budgeted for accordingly. Holiday homes are incredibly cost-efficient, both hired and owned, because they provide you with a permanent base in a location of your choice. They are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards, but they don't cost the extortionate amount an all-inclusive hotel would. Caravan holidays in the UK also mean that you don't have to worry about expensive flights, crowded tourist traps and re-mortgaging your home in order to eat out because you didn't book self-catering.

Energy Efficient

Unlike big chain hotels and resorts that you have no control over, you can take ownership of your holiday home's energy efficiency. If you are hiring a holiday home then you can make sure you keep on top of green practices like recycling, saving water and using draft excluders and curtains instead of fires and heating. On the other hand, if you own your own holiday home then you can make certain modifications to ensure your holiday home is as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as your actual home. Spray foam insulation, energy efficient light bulbs and electrical goods and keeping on top of recycling, water wastage and so on are just some of the ways you can ensure your holiday home is as efficient as possible. On top of all this, staying closer to home instead of jumping on fuel-guzzling passenger jets is far better for the environment!

Time/Space Efficient

This particular benefit is not as Einstein-related as you'd imagine. The fact is holiday homes are incredible in terms of time and space efficiency. They are convenient because they don't require too much packing and unpacking. Instead, possessions, linens and even spare clothes or tins of food can be left in them between holidays. Of course, if you don't own your own holiday home you can still get away with minimal packing and minimal upheaval because you will have most things handy anyway like on-site laundry facilities, home comforts and appliances. Static caravans also require less time and effort than traditional touring caravans which double the workload, requiring both vehicle maintenance like MOTs and accommodation care like cleaning and repairs.

As holiday homes don't need to be roadworthy they can afford to be larger and a tad more cumbersome than the average touring caravan, which means there is extra living and storage space. Not only does this mean a more comfortable stay whilst on holiday, it also means that you can store holiday equipment there between trips, either inside the caravan or in a small storage shed just outside.

With such excellent benefits and proven efficiency in all sorts of areas, the holiday home is an excellent option for budget, environmental and efficiency conscious holidaymakers. So why not start taking luxury caravan holidays and enjoying less stressful breaks? For more information, please contact Allens Caravans today! 

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