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Beating the January Blues

  • 4th Jan 2016

Happy New Year with Allen's Caravans

The post-Christmas stress has died down, a New Year has started and life should be good, but the weather is still drab and dreary, which can reflect negatively on peoples' moods. Here at Allens Caravans, we like to hear that our loyal patrons are enjoying life, so we have come up with some ways for you to beat those January blues. Whether you choose to spend a weekend in a luxury caravan or a week in your trusty tourer, with Allens Caravans, you're sure to feel refreshed before you know it.

Our Top Tips

If you've had a stressful holiday period - between buying and wrapping presents, juggling Christmas events, daily chores and work, it can sometimes take a few weeks to recover fully and get yourself back into a routine. We have put together a few handy tips for making your January brighter than the weather permits.

  1. Eat well! When we feel a bit blue, indulging in comfort food might seem like a good idea but we need healthy, good nutrients to turn our mood around! Get plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, vitamins and whole grains.
  2. Exercise! It might be the last thing you want to do in cold weather, but getting out in the fresh air and exercising - even if it is just a walk through the rolling Cotswolds hills - does wonders for your mood!
  3. Be sociable - it is a fact that socialising and relaxing can drastically improve your temperament, so get yourself out there and have a chin wag.
  4. Take a break - take some time for yourself. Relax with a good book, take a few hours for a pamper session or a hobby; doing something you're good at is a great way to boost your self-esteem, too.
  5. Get as much daylight as possible - being in the dark might be nice for a short time, but over the course of three months of winter, it can start to drag. Start your days early and make the most of natural light for a quick pick me up.

Visiting your favourite Allens Caravans hotspot will do wonders for allowing yourself to relax after a stressful festive period. Take your touring caravan out for a long weekend of rest and relaxation, or book a surprise getaway with one of our luxury caravans for a special trip with your loved ones.

However you choose to beat the January blues, you can be sure all your worries will be washed away in no time with Allens Caravans. Please contact us today to book your trip, or enquire about our different caravan sites across the UK.


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