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Back to School

  • 30th Aug 2016

Back to School

The kids might have been off school for what seems like a decade, which can only mean one thing: booking yourself a weekend getaway to recover from it all.

Long gone are those blissful, quiet weekday mornings where you could deposit the offspring to school, come home and have some ‘me' time for all of five minutes before getting up to clean the mess they left behind. Before you even know it, 3 pm suddenly rolls round, and it's time to do the school run all over again.

But every cloud has a silver lining, right? Because school holidays also means no more getting up at the crack of dawn, no more explaining why breakfast and school are both essential parts of life - not to mention wearing appropriate clothing - and not needing to rush out of the house, at least not before 8 am, anyway!

Kids always have other plans, though. They've gone from using every excuse under the sun for not wanting to get up to go to school, to waking up extra early to tune into their favourite cartoons, and jump around on your bed, while you're still sleeping (or trying to).

So, although during the holidays there is much fun to be had, come September, you cannot wait to send them back to school so you can think in peace for five minutes once again.

It's only right, then, that now they've had their holiday fun, it's time for you to relax.

Family are great in times of need. Find a willing aunt or uncle to look after the little ones for a weekend, giving you two days of bliss to swan off on a caravan holiday in the UK.  That way, you don't have to travel too far away from them and still get to have some peace and quiet for a bit; so you can finally get some quality "me" time.

Here at Allen's Caravans, we had a vast range of last minute caravan holidays for you to choose from. From a quiet and tranquil escape to an action and adventure packed trip to indulge in your many favourite hobbies; we do like to spoil you, don't we?

You've made it through the school holidays in one piece, so now it's time for your holiday. You can finally relax knowing that you also have something to look forward to, too!

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