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Autumn Half-Term Family Caravan Getaway

  • 12th Oct 2017


Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you and your family just need a break from work, school, homework, chores and everything else? If the answer is yes, then it sounds as if you are in need of a half-term getaway. If you need to relax and destress, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather, there is nothing better than caravan holidays in the UK.

Caravan Holidays in the UK

The UK is a caravanner's paradise, with parks from Wales to Scotland and everywhere in between. From the beauty of Yorkshire to the wilderness of the Isle of Skye, a caravan holiday offers the perfect way to see all of these places. However, nothing beats the excitement of a caravan holiday in North Wales.

Here are some of the attractions and activities that you may find waiting for you if you decide to visit North Wales this autumn.

Isle of Anglesey Coast

One of the best places in the world for a walk, the Anglesey Coastal Path is a 200-kilometre long footpath around the Anglesey. What makes this walk so special is the fact that the island is rich in beauty, elegance and natural history. During your walk, you will come across awe-inspiring marvels of nature, catch a glimpse of local wildlife and truly experience the beauty of the natural world. 

Criccieth Castle

Have you ever wondered what the castles of medieval times looked like? If your answer is yes, then Criccieth Castle, overlooking Cardigan Bay, is a must-visit. This castle, with its huge towers and massive pillars, serves for an awe-inspiring view, especially for those with a budding interest in history.

Portmeirion Village Gardens

If you wish to experience some Italian inspired beauty on your visit to North Wales, then a trip to Portmeirion is a must. It is one of those whimsical places that will make you fall back in time, so meander across to a restaurant and enjoy a meal as you feast your eyes on Sir Clough's mythical land of Aberia.

The North Wales Path

This 60-mile long path takes you on a journey across the mountains and along the coast in the area. It also passes through several seaside resorts where you may choose to rest your feet and relax for a while. However, without a doubt, the highlight of this path is the view of the Snowdonia Mountains - a real sight to behold.

Sometimes, in order to benefit yourself and those around you, you need to put the wellbeing of you and your family first. If relaxing and sightseeing are on the cards this half-term, then caravan holidays in the UK will make the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life. 

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