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Attractions in Broadway

  • 20th Aug 2015

Attractions in Broadway

The Cotswolds have aged beautifully, maintaining quaint characteristics, with winding streets and old-fashioned houses lining the roads, whilst catering for a new generation of holiday-makers and caravanners who are keen to unravel the area’s history.
Of course, if you’re planning to pay a visit to Cotswolds’ own Broadway village, you will want to know what there is to see and do. You will also want to know this prior to your journey to our nearby holiday home park, so you can plan and make the most of your trip.
So, as a small insight into what Broadway can offer, see our suggestions below, as well as a little bit about each attraction.
Gordon Russell Museum
The Gordon Russell Design Museum is a wonderful attraction to stop off at during your visit to Broadway village. Not only does it highlight Sir Gordon Russell’s greatest achievements with his company, but it also provides an intriguing insight into how design has evolved over the years.
A small sample of what you can see at the museum includes as many as 1,000 original sketches, furniture from a number of different design movements, and a collection of educational features; perfect for both those interested in history, and those wanting to expand their knowledge.
Broadway Tower
Constructed in 1798 by James Wyatt, a celebrated architect of the 18th Century, Broadway Tower is a historic site that offers plenty in the way of unparalleled views from the top of the tower.
This isn’t all though, as the area is renowned for being home to Red Deer, which can be spotted in autumn, whilst supervised by the property’s Head Ranger.
You can even take home a keepsake from the tower’s gift shop, which offers many sweet and chic products. Alternatively, you can enjoy hot chocolate or coffee at the shop on site.
Cotswold Wildlife Park
If these suggestions don’t take your fancy and you’re looking for a family-friendly activity everyone will enjoy, pay a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. This attraction is teeming with exotic species and lovely gardens you can relax in after taking walking around the park.
You could even turn the visit into an adventure, by coming up with family games or devising a list of all the animals you’re hoping to see, and ticking them off one by one!
With these three Broadway attractions in mind, when will you be scheduling in a trip to your holiday home at Leedons Park?

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