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Allens Luxury and The F1 caravan

  • 10th Nov 2014

Allens Luxury and The F1 caravan

Got a spare £600,000 lying about? No? Then unfortunately you can't have the luxury formula 1 - inspired caravan. This behemoth of a caravan was built in the US, constructed with carbon fibre which just so happens to be the same lightweight and durable material used for Ferraris, formula 1 cars and the Boeing 787. Here is review of this incredible machine. 

With its sleek design this caravan just screams top-end style from every angle inside and out. Speaking of the caravans innards, you can expect one of the most lavish interiors money can buy in any home let alone a mobile one. Chock full of tech like a wide flat screen TV, state-of-the-art cooking facilities and an incredibly spacious shower too, the CR-1 Carbon boasts some of the most advance tech imaginable. The Daily Mail's Ross Davies gives an in-depth- overview of the colossal caravan in an article which indirectly pays homage to Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson in the process.

Davies presents the caravan in all its static splendour with a myriad of pictures and videos to boot. Reeling off the caravan impressive specs we learn that:

"The giant twin-axle RV includes a fully-bonded monocoque structure, not to mention continuous insulation and frameless chassis .The mobile home's structure is made of a carbon fibre that is five times the strength of steel, and Kevlar, a component commonly used for body armour."

 With the exterior portion amply covered Davis describes the insides too highlighting the fact that the caravan has "full height closets, a walk-through master bath, 700 watt solar power system, integrated generator, run-flat tires, adjustable tint privacy glass, a washer/dryer and Wi-Fi router."

Harrison Ding the chairman and president at Global Caravan Technologies (GCT) explains his reasoning for creating the caravan saying, "The RV industry is a mature industry with a lot of highly competitive brands, but it's hard to find a Bugatti Veyron or Tesla version. We saw the opportunity for a highly engineered, green, futuristic, light, and strong and super-luxury product that meets the unfulfilled demands of a high end customer in an exclusive niche market."

Residential Luxury

Like the F1 caravan, here at Allens Caravan we look to push the envelope both in terms of standards and quality. That is why we are constantly improving our range of holiday parks which are situated in a number of beautiful locations including the Cotswolds (Worcestershire) and the rural plains of Wolverhampton.

For more information regarding any of Allens Caravan's parks, luxury caravan holidays, events or details then please visit our site where you'll find all the information you'll need. Alternatively you can contact us via the options available. 

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