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Active Autumnal Adventures

  • 10th Nov 2016

Active Autumnal Adventures

With everything from country walks to exploring beautiful landscapes, the Cotswolds are an incredibly beautiful place to visit at any time of year. If you are planning to spend your holidays in caravans by the Cotswolds this year, then be sure to make the most of the autumnal adventures on your doorstep.

Keep reading to find out what you could be getting up to!

Walking Areas in Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are home to some of the finest countryside our country has to offer, and is often

known as the Walking Capital of England. Thanks to the gently rolling hills and quaint villages along the way, you can enjoy walks and hikes with your friends and family at all times.  

There are walking tours a-plenty in the area, but you can explore at your leisure, too.

Explore the Wool Churches

One of the many reasons to love the Cotswold is the history, including its  link to medieval churches and the wool trade. These churches are thought of as some of the most attractive and architecturally styled cathedrals in the world. There are a plethora of historic buildings throughout the area, so be sure to take it all in.

Museum Visits

As well as the historic buildings, the area is renowned for its museums, too. With an extensive range of historic items and houses to see, there is plenty to keep you and your family entertained on a rainy day or for a break from the great outdoors!

Visiting one of the many museums in the area is a must have if you are  If you are planning a caravan holiday in the Cotswolds for the first time!


As well as all the natural walking and hiking spots, the Cotswolds are also blessed with some wonderful fishing spots.

You can enjoy free fishing while enjoying the stunning locations, but if you prefer something a little less off the cuff, then out caravan holiday park Abbotts Salford has access to fishing pegs on the River Avon and the park has their own carp pool.

Enjoy Cycling in the Cotswolds

Cycling is a great autumnal activity to enjoy on holidays in caravans with your family. The beautiful landscapes and scenery - plus all those hills - make it a rewarding and healthy challenge and an excellent way to take in the local sights along the way.

Think a trip to this beautiful part of the world sounds right up your street? Get in touch with us today on 01564 792323 to book your getaway. 


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