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A Week’s Worth of Our Favourite Little Fishy Dishes

  • 12th Sep 2014

A Week’s Worth of Our Favourite Little Fishy Dishes

Whether you are enjoying an Allens Caravan luxury holiday by a beach in North Wales or a fishing holiday in Northampton, a fish-based dish for lunch or dinner will go down a treat this summer. You don’t have to catch your own as there are lots of great, quality fish available at local markets and supermarkets around the country, meaning it is easier for you to cook a healthy and flavoursome fish-based meal. 

Here are seven superb and straightforward fish dish recipes to get you started:

1.       BBQ Scallops

This is an incredibly simple recipe where you can just pop the scallops on the coals (not the grill) and relax while they effectively cook themselves. The result is a smoky, flavoursome dish that is simple to make and easy to eat.

2.       Simple Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon is a great fish to use in all sorts of dishes and it adds a tasty twist to classic favourites like fishcakes. This recipe does require a bit of time and prep work, but there is nothing too fiddly to contend with and the final product is well worth it.

3.       Sweet Pea Fish Pie

This recipe for fish pie incorporates different vegetables like sweet peas and gives you the freedom to include any type of fish, meaning you can broaden the taste spectrum. Relatively straightforward to prep and cook, it will make a superb dish for an evening meal and leave you leftovers for a lazy dinner after a day out exploring.

4.       Fish Baps

There are two easy, tasty bites that Brits love in the summer; one is the simple burger and the other is the humble fish butty. These fish baps combine the two with tasty, freshly made fish fingers cooked to perfection, which are complemented by delicious accompanying dishes like mushy peas. This is a real treat if you fancy a seaside staple with a gourmet touch.

5.       Marinated Fish Kebabs

Kebabs are a firm favourite in the summer, especially as they are flexible enough to be done either outside on the barbecue or (if it's raining) inside under the grill. These marinated fish kebabs are healthy, tasty and super easy to make. They are a tasty summer dish that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner.

6.       Summer Salmon Salad

Salads are a great summer dish because they are quick and easy to make, refreshing for the palette and light on the stomach. Almost any and every combination goes for a salad but this summery salmon salad is a fantastic mix of flavours and ingredients, bursting with summery, salmon-y freshness. The light but delicious yoghurt dressing is what pulls the flavours together and gives the dish its kick.

7.       Granddad's Crispy Grilled Trout

This recipe is all about the simple pleasures of summer cooking and fishy ingredients. It is simple to cook, packed full of simple flavours and is simply delicious! You just need your fish, some basic ingredients and a grill to do the work for you. This trout is wonderful with salad, making it the ideal summer dish.

For more fish recipes like fish tacos, grilled halibut with peach and pepper salsa and even shrimp-stuffed shells, click here.

Of course, if you don't fancy a week of fish dishes then you can pick your favourite(s) and spread them out. Just remember that the important thing is to enjoy the cooking and culinary experimentation as much as the actual eating of these dishes! Bon appetit! Visit for more information on caravan holiday fun activities!

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