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A Very British Summer: Foodie Edition Vol. II

  • 2nd Aug 2014

A Very British Summer: Foodie Edition Vol. II

When summer arrives the first thing that comes to most people's minds is the beach. Road trips to rugged coastlines and days out at the seaside are a big part of British culture and have been for over a century. During the 18th and 19th centuries iconic British seaside resorts like Brighton began to appear and the seaside was established as a main feature of British life and leisure. 

With the population heading to the coast en masse every summer there was a change in the summer cuisine. Beach picnics and seaside eateries changed the way people ate and drank in the summer months, so much so that some of these classic seaside dishes and treats have become national dishes and world-famous symbols of British summertime. Eating simple fish and chips on the boardwalk and munching on sticks of rock as you walk along the water have become something people look forward to year on year.

That is why we have compiled the below menu of tasty seaside treats you can enjoy on holiday this summer. They're ideal to tuck into at the beach, but even if you are landlocked on an Allen's caravan holiday in Worcestershire you can still enjoy this seaside inspired meal:

Menu II: Seaside Treats

Fish and Chips - Ice Cream Cone - Traditional Still Lemonade - Stick of Blackpool Rock

Fish and Chips:

Widely considered Britain's national dish, fish and chips have long been a favourite for people of all ages. The dish has been in Britain since the 16th century (source: Wikipedia) and the first fish and chip shop opened in 1860. Since then there have been all sorts of variations, including fish cakes instead of deep fried fish and high end gourmet adaptations of the dish. However, the traditional battered fish and deep fried chips smothered in salt and vinegar is still the most popular and most beloved version. As a once in a while treat in the salty summer air, it is a winner. To make rather than buy traditional fish and chips, see here.

Ice Cream Cone:

When it is hot outside and you are getting a little warmer than is comfortable, sometimes a refreshing drink just doesn't hit the spot. That is where the ever loved ice cream cone comes in. Not only is it a cooling treat in the heat, but it also makes a wonderful dessert after a delicious portion of fish and chips! If you fancy an extra special iced treat, try making your own Cornish Clotted Cream ice cream with this recipe (courtesy of The Telegraph). Click here for more information on the UK's finest beachside caravan park resorts!

Traditional Still Lemonade:

Lemonade is usually considered to be a clear, fizzy drink that sends bubbles up your nose. Traditional still lemonade however has been a long-time favourite in the summer, both in the UK and in the USA. It is still, refreshing and just the right balance of tang and sweet. Poured into a tall glass full of ice, traditional still lemonade is ideal for cooling off and perking up if you're flaking in the hot summer sun. Odd as it may sound, it just tastes like summer which means it is the perfect accompaniment to summery seaside foods like fish and chips. Here is how to make Traditional Still Lemonade yourself. 

Stick of Blackpool Rock:

If you ever enjoyed a childhood summer at the seaside you will no doubt know the joys of a stick of rock. The hardest (but most satisfying) of candies, sticks of rock act as edible momentums of your holiday, though they don't last particularly long. They don't have to be confined to your childhood though. Indulging in a stick of rock when you're at the seaside or keeping a jar of rock pieces in your caravan will be a sweet nostalgic treat this summer. If you want to buy sticks of rock from your holiday then you could keep one or two as a momentum, but if you're feeling adventurous try making your own using this recipe.

Whether you are set to enjoy a seaside caravan holiday in Wales with Allen's Caravans or a land locked break in the midlands, these seaside inspired dishes will keep you feeling full and summery all season long. Don't be afraid to experiment with variations either - that way you can enjoy them more than once!

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