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A Splash of Yellow, Brings a Cheery Hello!

  • 21st Sep 2015

A Splash of Yellow, Brings a Cheery Hello!

Ah, yellow, the happy colour, the neutral colour and the summer colour. There have been many studies into the colour that represents happiness, from the winning jersey at the Tour de France to the sun and smiley faces.
With summer in the UK not sticking around too long, why not consider maintaining its happy vibes via colours, namely yellow.
It is thought that the warm hue encourages creativity, assertiveness and calm, surely none of which can be thought of as a bad thing?
So, we’ve noted a few simple and unobtrusive ways that you can bring a dash of happy into your residential park home.

Curtains are fairly easy to swap during seasons, come winter we tend to lean toward warm, heavy and deep colours and threads. That said, we’re not quite there just yet so why not consider something with either just hints of yellow via stripes or polka dots, or reach right out and go all-over yellow.
By allowing light through the pale colour, you can ward off those darkening evenings and dull mornings until we are all ready to accept winter.
Fruit & Flowers

A very simple and easy way to incorporate seasonal colours and scents is fresh produce such as citrus fruits or summer blooms like sunflowers and daffodils.
Not only is this an easy décor on the eye, but very refreshing on our sense of smell, maintaining that fresh and bright atmosphere.
Not to mention you’ll be helping yourself with a reminder to get those 5-a-day.

Candles are an easy addition to any room, and can bring a touch of elegance whether it be in the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom! They can fulfil a dual purpose by brightening a corner to adding a delightful scent to a home.

Bedding, towels or cushions are a fantastic way to incorporate some yellow into the everyday items that you will be using. A fluffy yellow towel in the morning, while singing in the shower might be the difference between those rainy blues or smiley yellows. Particularly with your bedding, it is both the first thing you see when you wake up and also the last thing before you go to bed, happy mornings and pleasant evenings all round!
So what are you waiting for? Add some yellow to your life and brighten up those English mornings at your residential park home with the one and only Allens Caravans.

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