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Relaxing with Family on a Caravan Holiday

26th Sep 2017

In this day and age, we all lead such hectic lives, which seldom gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with our family - which can have an impact on relationships and family ties....

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Making Memories at Residential Park Homes

21st Sep 2017

Although the children have headed back to school and those long summer days are now nothing more than a distant memory, there is still plenty of time to unwind and spend some quality time with...

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Book a Caravan Holiday for an Early Autumn Getaway

19th Sep 2017

The English summer is a beautiful time to explore the countryside and enjoy nature. However, much to everyone's dismay, it is often rather short lived - giving us all the more reason to make the...

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Why Are More People Moving into Residential Park Homes?

29th Aug 2017

Over the last few years, more and more people have been making the move to residential park homes, trading in their houses on busy estates for the calmness of living in a caravan. When you...

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Relaxation at Our Caravan Holiday Parks

24th Aug 2017

When you get away for a week all that you want to do is to relax and take it easy, not having to worry about doing anything, and definitely not the usual day to day mundane tasks. At our ...

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What Type of Person Goes on a Caravan Holiday?

22nd Aug 2017

With package deals available left right and centre, and budget airlines offering flights for just a few pennies, who would elect to go on a caravan holiday? Who would want to explore the...

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How to Tell if the Caravan Life is for You

15th Aug 2017

Every year more and more people make the transition from living within the confines of terraced housing to the  freedom of a residential park home . Our residents make the move in...

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Celebrate Son and Daughter Day with Allens Caravans

8th Aug 2017

There is nothing as special as life itself, so when parents bring children into the world it is something that is to be celebrated. No matter how old your son or daughter is, whether they are...

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