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Don’t Tyre Yourself Out

28th Nov 2015

Having a caravan is a wonderful thing, we are sure you will agree. Having a touring caravan can offer you so much flexibility in terms of country exploration, pitching sites and the ability to...

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter

20th Nov 2015

Here at Allens Caravans , we love nature and the countryside as much as the next person, and of course, this extends to our gardens. What's not to love about being surrounded by beautiful...

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Reinvent the Picnic this Autumn

15th Nov 2015

As the last few days of summer are meandering along, teasing us with surprisingly warm days and you find yourself reminiscing the times you clamoured for a BBQ to make the most of the weather, why...

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Why Are So Many People Choosing to Move to Residential Park Homes?

10th Nov 2015

There can be numerous reasons why people choose to move into  residential park homes , especially with such a superb range of options available, to suit all desires and requirements, as well...

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Why Choose Caravan Holidays?

4th Nov 2015

There are many advantages to a caravan holiday, and with more and more people opting for breaks in the UK, it is clear to see how the caravan holiday has increased in popularity. At  Allens...

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