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Latest Events

Winter Prep Props

30th Oct 2015

A lot of us dread the big seasonal change, as the majority of British people prefer summer clothing compared to winter attire. What you may not realise though is that wrapping up can be cosy,...

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We’re All Going On A Winter Holiday

25th Oct 2015

Summer isn’t the only season that means you can get away for a well-deserved short break. Why would you let a bit of cold weather, and perhaps a drizzle of rain, stop you? Isn’t it...

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Stay Entertained this Autumn

23rd Oct 2015

Autumn is upon us, but this is not a reason to balk at the prospect of leaving the house, oh no! Of course, cosying up in your favourite jumper and a blanket by the fire with hot chocolate sounds...

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Winter Means…

19th Oct 2015

Winter means no more barbeques and outdoor picnics, no beaches or water activities, no more swimming, no more tans, no ice-creams, sunglasses or even straw hats. No more fun, right? Wrong! All...

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Feeling Blue?

12th Oct 2015

Autumn has officially arrived. The bright blue sky is beginning to show traces of haze and fog, and you wake up in the morning to misty windows and a cold draught. Shades of red, orange and rust...

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Plenty More Fish In The Sea

6th Oct 2015

Here, at Allens Caravans, we come across many keen fishermen ‘angling about’. So we would like to introduce you to three of our best holiday home parks , for all you fishing fanatics...

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Don’t Mind If You Do...

1st Oct 2015

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Autumn is looming as that deep, musky cinnamon scent fills the air, along with the romantic fog and colourful hues of the season. The long...

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