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Latest Events

Go Throw a Swellegant, Elegant Party

30th Jan 2015

It is important that the communities on Allens residential caravan parks have plenty of events and social gatherings to keep them entertained. Evening affairs are ideal because they give...

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Food Essentials For Your Stay In A Holiday Home

26th Jan 2015

Family holidays can prove to be a costly ordeal when you have to bring everything with you, including food and drink supplies. However, this cost can be reduced if you compile a list of essentials...

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New Year, New Look: Eco-Makeover for your Holiday Home

23rd Jan 2015

As more and more individuals switch to green living, we should all be making a conscious effort to at least trial a couple of eco-friendly practices. On top of saving the planet, one of the best...

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The Springs: A Winter Wonderland

20th Jan 2015

Though temperatures drop and the roads are coated in thick snow, winter can be a romantic time of year that calls for all sorts of nostalgic moments and lovely accessories. So, pop on your woolly...

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The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

20th Jan 2015

So, Valentine’s Day is next month, and you haven’t got anything prepared for your other half!   However, don’t panic as there is still plenty you can do with one of our...

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Winter Health and Safety

15th Jan 2015

If it is your first winter in your residential park home or if you have lived onsite for a while now, there is a lot you can do to ‘winterize' your home. Not forgetting to keep the...

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Leedons Residential Park: Tingdene Dolben Lodge

12th Jan 2015

Set against a striking countryside backdrop, Leedons Residential Park is conveniently situated just ten minutes' walk away from Broadway. This park is best suited for those who are semi-retired...

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Is A Technology-Free Caravan Holiday Possible?

8th Jan 2015

Here at Allens we know that over the last decade, modern life has been overrun with technology; in fact, we have a means of instant communication on almost every gadget in our possession....

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