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Top 3 Lifestyles For UK Retirees

17th Apr 2014

After you've spent your life working for a living it is nice to think about how relaxing life will be upon retirement. There are many ways to make good use of all the free time you end up with...

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The Benefits of A Residential Park

14th Apr 2014

Moving to a local or distant residential park can be a daunting thought, especially if you've spent years baking and barbequing, making friends with your neighbours and building a home. As a...

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So You’re Off To The Beach

11th Apr 2014

If there's one thing recent years have shown it's the growing popularity of family holidays in the UK . The number of families packing up and heading off to a caravan for the summer is ever on...

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The Perfect Playlist For Your Caravan Holiday

7th Apr 2014

Daily life can be a bit of a struggle at times, what with the highs and lows of utter chaos and downright humdrum. Whether you are a proud rural resident or a cool city-slicker, once in a while...

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So You’re Off To The Cycle Path

4th Apr 2014

Holidays are a great opportunity to explore new places and discover new things. You can choose to have an action-packed break where you do everything and go everywhere within a reasonable distance...

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Allens Park and Leisure Show: Celebrating A Century Of Great British Homes and Holidays

1st Apr 2014

So spring has finally sprung and that means exciting times at Allens Caravans! Not only does spring signal the start of a busy season at our parks, it also means we can start getting ready for our...

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Trendsetters: 3 Of Today’s Coolest Caravans

31st Mar 2014

Caravans are cool. A century back they were the trendsetters and even now they're still showing the world how to holiday in style. From humble beginnings as nothing more than sheds on wheels,...

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So You’re Off To The Perfect Picnic Spot

28th Mar 2014

When you are on holiday there are a million and one things you want to get done. Every now and then though it's good to give yourself a quiet day where you and your family can just sit and take it...

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