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Events in Warwickshire

30th Sep 2014

Though the summer is known as the season of action and adventure, there is plenty to do and explore in winter too.   This blog will spotlight what events are on in Warwickshire this winter,...

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Kitting Out Your Caravan For Rainy Summer Days

28th Sep 2014

Summer at Allens Caravans is a wonderful time of year, filled with special occasions like music festivals and the chance to spend time with loved ones whilst working on the tan! Sometimes...

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Why People Favour Caravan Holidays

26th Sep 2014

As the years go by, more and more people are turning to Allens Caravans holidays during the summer. They are drawn by the prospect of sunny spells, a sense of nostalgia and making memories that...

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Living on Broadway Park

24th Sep 2014

Here at Allen's Caravans we have a number of residential caravan parks that are ideal for recently retired or semi-retired couples and individuals. Our Broadway Residential Park is a short walk...

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A Guide To Creating A Caravan Friendly Garden

21st Sep 2014

If you want to create an outdoor space to escape to or if you need to dress up your holiday home's curb appeal, your garden area will need attention. It's not that you need to completely overhaul...

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Top 5 Sweet Summer Treats

20th Sep 2014

Whether you are having a barbecue at your Allen's beachfront caravan, a garden party on the deck of your holiday home or a picnic out in the Worcestershire countryside, you will be hard pushed...

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Fun Twists On Holiday Traditions

19th Sep 2014

British summer holidays are steeped in tradition; from old favourites like seaside arcades and donkey rides on the beach to the draw of Country Estates and Allens caravan holidays, it is the...

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The Meek Family Embark on New Caravan Challenge

16th Sep 2014

Unlike most families who deem the average family holiday as an overwhelming challenge, the Meek family spent a large portion of last year completing 100 new activities. Not content with their...

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