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The UK’s First Space-age Caravan Hotel

31st Jul 2014

Here at the offices of we hear a lot of things about caravans that we cant quite believe! On the 27 th of April 2014, the Brooks Guesthouse in Bristol was contacted by...

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Summer Holidays At Sunbeach: Top 3 Things To Explore With The Kids

29th Jul 2014

Here at Allen's it seems like spring has barely arrived but summer is fast creeping up on us. For most people the change in season means lazy weekends, lots of barbecues and balmy evenings out...

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Ken and Deirdre off to live it large on Welsh Caravan Holiday

24th Jul 2014

Nowadays, holiday homes and Allen's caravan parks are growing widely popular and even the popular TV soap actors are off on a caravan holiday in Wales after the show's executive producer...

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Caravan Park Receives The Royal Treatment

22nd Jul 2014

News reached us here at recently that Prince Charles was given the royal tour of Ballater Caravan Park in Aberdeenshire. The Prince of Wales (Duke of Rothesay to the...

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A Short Caravan Checklist

20th Jul 2014

With the weather looking promising this summer, many are turning to last minute caravan holidays with Allen's Caravans for a trip away from busy city life. However, with so much to remember, it...

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Caravans and Celebrity Culture

17th Jul 2014

If you thought family caravan holidays with were resigned purely for the common folk you'd be wrong. Even celebrities nowadays are embracing the humble caravan; a U-turn...

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