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How To Feng Shui Your Mobile Home

28th Feb 2013

Here at Allens Caravans we are all for people being happier in their mobile home, holiday home or residential home so when we came across this article we felt we had to share it with you,...

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What Are The Benefits For An Elderly Person Living In A Mobile Home?

27th Feb 2013

Having spoken with many elderly people, the scariest thing about getting older is living on your own with not just feeling lonely but also through fear of having an accident and nobody...

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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

26th Feb 2013

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day and we found this truly heart warming story, it certainly made the staff here at Allens Caravans go tingly all over on hearing about this very brave...

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Vale Of Evesham Blossom Trail

25th Feb 2013

The Vale of Evesham is often referred to as the ‘Garden of Britain’ and is also known for its large variety of fruit. The Blossom Trail has a series of 3 walks that happen throughout...

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Open That Bottle Night – 23rd February

23rd Feb 2013

Tonight is the night that you are meant to open that bottle, the one you have been saving for the last few years for that ‘special occasion’ but that occasion has never come. Well tonight...

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Games to Play in Your Caravan

23rd Feb 2013

Sadly the weather in the UK is not terribly predictable, but when we have a rainfall it tends to be heavy but quick, so over very quickly. But what to do in the 15 – 30 minutes that you are...

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The Malvern Spring Gardening Show

22nd Feb 2013

Why not begin spring with a visit to the Malvern Gardening Show? This garden show is set among the Malvern Hills and is not just an ordinary gardening show. The show is set over...

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Want To Go Fishing?

21st Feb 2013

Are you looking to go on a fishing this holiday but not sure where to go? We have the perfect place. We have four parks that have great fishing facilities and will suit every one...

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