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A taste of the great…indoors?

27th Dec 2013

Whilst many caravanners choose to retire their caravans when the temperature starts to drop, it will come as good news to those who want to continue using their beloved vehicles that they no...

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Travel in style with a Cath Kidston caravan

24th Dec 2013

If you want to travel across the country in the new year in a caravan that’s bound to turn heads when travelling along the A1, why not be inspired by one of Britain’s most loved...

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A White Caravan Christmas

21st Dec 2013

At a first thought, Christmas may seem like the worst time to get away from modern day life and escape from the stressful tangles of work however, given deeper thought Christmas is in fact a...

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A Home For All Seasons: Log Cabins In The Summer

18th Dec 2013

There is something idyllic, if not a little nostalgic about a log cabin. The idea of being nestled amongst nature in a cosy, comfortable retreat is one that appeals to most people who desire...

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A Home For All Seasons: Log Cabins In The Spring

15th Dec 2013

Log cabins evoke a sense of tranquillity, freedom and cosiness that many other types of holiday or domestic dwellings can’t quite match. Whilst most people associate cabins with hot summers...

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Making Your Holiday Dreams Come True

12th Dec 2013

Allen’s Caravans is a family run business that directs its focus towards providing families all across the UK with a low-cost alternative to expensive holidays abroad. Founded in the mid...

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Carpenter debuts new double decker bus holiday home

10th Dec 2013

An old-fashioned double decker bus has been transformed into a fully operational caravan thanks to a talented UK carpenter. Saved from a scrapyard at the last minute, the bus was...

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Step inside the world’s oldest caravan

7th Dec 2013

A 128 year old 30 foot mahogany and maple wood mobile home has recently made its final journey in the UK. Also known as ‘The Wanderer’, it was the first caravan to be made purely for the...

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