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Why Choose Static Caravans for Retirement

26th Jun 2019

If you are beginning to formulate plans for your retirement, there is much that needs to be taken into consideration. After all, when you've worked hard throughout your entire life, it's only...

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Make the Most of the Little Things

2nd Feb 2017

It is the beginning of another New Year, and that means that it is the perfect period to take some time out to appreciate the life that you lead. January is widely recognised as being the dullest,...

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Late Winter Country Walks

29th Feb 2016

One of the best things about getting out on the open road is the prospect of fresh, countryside air, exploring the magnificent British landscapes and scenery and spending time with your nearest...

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Fun Winter Activities for the Holiday Home

16th Feb 2015

With the winter well and truly here, we can expect to see rooftops laden with frost and snow and the dusky light from street lamps illuminating white, laughter-filled pathways.   This season...

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Is A Technology-Free Caravan Holiday Possible?

8th Jan 2015

Here at Allens we know that over the last decade, modern life has been overrun with technology; in fact, we have a means of instant communication on almost every gadget in our possession....

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Seasonal Foods

19th Nov 2014

When the frost touches down on the ground it can be difficult to imagine anything surviving, let alone growing. Nevertheless, we are greeted with the most delicious stews and roast dinners at this...

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