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How to Choose the Right Caravan Site

16th Jun 2014

Allen's Caravan holidays are great fun; with a diverse range of local amenities and on-site privileges, they can make fantastic family holidays, even when the UK weather is not at its best....

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Sun, Sea and Sounds: The Perfect Caravan Holiday Playlist

13th Jun 2014

Whether you plan on spending your spring bank holiday at a riverside retreat or you're looking forward to enjoying the beach whilst staying in your very own static caravan with Allen's , no...

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Caravan Cuisine: One Pot Wonders

7th Jun 2014

One thing you can guarantee about Allen's luxury caravan holidays with the family is that you will be one busy bee. Whether you're chasing the children round, exploring the UK's natural wonders...

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Spotlight On: Wootton Hall Park

29th May 2014

One thing almost everyone looks forward to in the mild spring and scorching summer months is the prospect of having a week away. However, before you start booking your accommodation and exploring,...

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Enjoy A Shakespearean Summer With Allens Caravans

26th May 2014

One of the best things about having an Allens' Caravan holiday in Worcestershire or Warwickshire is how easy it is to soak in some culture whilst you're there. Many of our parks, though set in...

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Fun Ideas For Your Next Caravan Holiday

20th May 2014

As caravanning is slowly creeping up into the top ten ideas for family holidays in the UK, it's no surprise that Allen's and other caravan owners are looking to put that extra special something...

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Summer Caravans: Beach-Themed Interior

17th May 2014

With summer inching ever closer, it's time to think about revamping our old and battered caravan and transforming it into a wonderful summertime-inspired vehicle ready for your UK family holiday....

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Common Misconceptions About Caravanning From A Teen’s Perspective

14th May 2014

The very thought of caravanning at Allen's Caravans is enough to fill most teens with dread. Like a baby being cut from an umbilical cord, the idea of not being connected to internet would...

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