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What is a Park Home and Who are they Suited to?

29th Apr 2019

Park homes have been slowly increasing in popularity since 2004 - with almost three times the number of people searching for them in 2019 than they did fifteen years earlier. Despite the growing...

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The Benefits of A Residential Park

14th Apr 2014

Moving to a local or distant residential park can be a daunting thought, especially if you've spent years baking and barbequing, making friends with your neighbours and building a home. As a...

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Your New Second Holiday Home

16th Feb 2013

Are you looking to find a place to spend a holiday that you can also call ‘home’? There are plenty of places throughout the UK with conveniently located holiday homes that are perfect...

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Retirement Homes

5th Feb 2013

A retirement home can be a great way to live in a tranquil setting and be able to enjoy every day in the comfort of a normal home. It’s like a home, away from home. Location is...

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International Hedgehog Day – 2nd February

2nd Feb 2013

Saturday 2nd February is International Hedgehog Day, why not have a look around our Holiday Parks and Residential Parks and see if you can find a hedgehog. If you can then please...

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Wear Red Day – 1st February

31st Jan 2013

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day; we will all be wearing red at Allens Caravans – will you? Wearing the colour red makes you stand out from the crowd, it ensures you get attention...

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£1.2 Million Mobile Home

23rd Jan 2013

A one bedroom mobile home in Malibu, California has gone on sale for a huge £1.2 million. This tiny home is surrounded by large luxury homes who are owned by people such as Cher, Minnie...

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Leedons Residential Park Renovation and Rejuvenation

3rd Jul 2012

Allen’s Caravans are pleased to announce the development of one of their leading residential and holiday park sites. The magnificent new complex is currently under construction with work due to...

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