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30 Ways to Love Life After 50

  • 21st Mar 2015

30 Ways to Love Life After 50

Life after 50 is an adventure. There is so much to do, to see, to try; and the best thing is, you can do it all at your own pace. We like to see our park home residents trying new things and making the most of every day, so we have come up with 30 things to do after 50. Read on for the list:

  1. Adopt a pet, or sponsor one if you can’t make the commitment
  2. Take professional dancing lessons: ballroom, salsa, ballet, jive
  3. Learn a new language for your travels or just for fun; if not a foreign language, learn a musical instrument
  4. Volunteer for a charity of your choice; you can help with an event, fundraising, or by volunteering your time
  5. Pass on an heirloom to a younger generation; it could be jewellery, trinkets or even photographs
  6. Take up a sport or work on one you already know how to play; keep it low impact like boules or swimming, or try competitive sports like tennis or badminton
  7. Do an adventure sport or activity, just because. Consider white water rafting, abseiling, bungee jumping, etc.
  8. Go to the theatre; it can be your first matinee musical or an upscale evening performance viewed from one of the boxes
  9. Rock out at a concert. You can go and see a rock band from the seventies, a show by your favourite artist from your teens or anything else that takes your fancy and lets you go wild for the night
  10. Start a blog. You’ve lived life to the full, learnt interesting lessons and have a voice of your own, so why not share it?
  11. Pull an all-nighter; whether you just stay up watching movies until the birds are chirping good morning, or you decide to paint the town red right up until breakfast, there’s nothing like an all-nighter
  12. Take a cookery class and learn some new signature dishes; you can show them off at dinner parties, or just enjoy a varied menu at home
  13. Put together a family tree; you will have fun researching and learning about your family members, and you will have a great gift to give to the younger generations
  14. Take the stage and get involved in an open mic night, a stand-up event or an amateur dramatic production; what you choose will depend very much on your tastes and your talent
  15. Get a makeover. It can be as subtle or as drastic as you like…
  16. Road trip! Anywhere. Europe, UK, US, wherever takes your fancy
  17. Attend or organise a school reunion, or meet up with an old friend you’ve not seen for years
  18. Face a fear; if you’re afraid of heights, climb the Shard, if you don’t like sharks, swim with them
  19. Apologise for a long-standing feud and clear the air; you will feel far better for it
  20. Organise a family reunion so you can catch up with all of your nearest and dearest
  21. Grow your own everything, fresh from an allotment, a personal orchard of fruit trees, or your greenhouse
  22. Become a DIY professional and build a birdhouse, a piece of furniture, or anything else you feel like taking on
  23. Splurge on a luxury item, just for you
  24. Be a tea/coffee champion and pay for someone else’s drink once a week (you can sneak it when they are waiting behind you in the queue)
  25. Make a scrapbook of your different memories and experiences; use photographs, tickets, old greetings cards and so on
  26. Clear out you cupboards, loft, shed and wardrobes; you can donate the items to a charity shop or another good cause
  27. Start playing the lottery; you never know, you could win big!
  28. Enjoy a life of leisure and make the most of lots of lie-ins; breakfast in bed, a cup of tea, the morning newspaper and pyjamas until noon
  29. Try an alternative therapy, for health or leisure reasons. Try a massage, Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, or an Indian head massage
  30. Start a new life with Our luxury park homes are the perfect way to slow life down, immerse yourself in new experiences and enjoy a new laidback caravan lifestyle, with a touch of luxury

These are just a few ideas to keep you going, but the scope of what you can do is as big as your imagination allows. So, start thinking about what you want to do and make a list of 30 – or even 50 – ways you can love life after 50!

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