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3 Makeover Ideas for Your Caravan Home

  • 17th Oct 2017


As many of you will know, a caravan is more than just a caravan; it is more of a home from home, therefore it needs to be a place of comfort for you and your family.

Much as you would put in a certain amount of effort to renovate your home, you would also do the same for your mobile home, so adding your own personal touch and making your caravan as cosy as possible is important.  

First of all, if your caravan home has accumulated unnecessary clutter over the years, then the best place to start is with a clear out, getting rid of anything you don't need.

Once you have decluttered your space (and, after giving it a good scrub and perhaps a new lick of paint), you will most likely have freed up some additional room to work with, so here are three ideas for transforming your caravan home to your personal taste.

The Look - Vintage Shabby Chic

Think floral vintage and wicker baskets; for the ultimate shabby look, accessorise with cushions, printed bedsheets and a contrast of textures in pale or pastel colours. Pinks and turquoises work well as do yellows and pale greens. Wooden and wicker accessories complete the look along with a few casually placed throws, books and picture frames. Aim for a comfortable and cosy feel - a great way to see in the change of seasons, too!

The Look - Retro Glam

For a truly nostalgic update to your caravan space, consider introducing new flooring to your caravan - ideally black and white chequered tiles. Spruce up the kitchen with some bold, retro gadgets and perhaps a stainless steel counter or barstools? Simple or striped bedding works well along with a simple (or red leather - if you want to go the whole way) seating booth with an array of bold-coloured cushions to fit in with the theme.

The Look - Contemporary

For the ultimate modern twist, swapping curtains for blinds is a good place to start. Stick to neutral colours for the bedroom to keep it looking classy and add in a few touches of colour with your accessories. Adding tasteful mirrors in a few key areas can give the impression of a bigger space. Also, aim to keep things looking minimal and tidy - think sleek and elegant as opposed to comfy or lived in. Consider adding a unique statement piece to inject some of your individual personality into the atmosphere.

Updating your caravan home needn't mean spending a fortune; simply mixing things up or adding some new accessories can do wonders to instantly transform the look and feel of your space.  

Of course, if you don't have your own caravan home and wish to experience a caravan break, simply visit Allens Caravans and book your ultimate luxury caravan holiday with us today.

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