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Beautiful Breaks Away

  • 25th Oct 2013

Beautiful Breaks Away

Everyone enjoys a break away from their busy lives and busy schedules, so what better way than spend it in one of the beautiful locations we are going to feature here.

Let’s start with a short break in the UK and more specifically, the Scilly Isles. Many think it is difficult to find white sandy beaches and palm trees in the UK but that’s not the case here. Bryher, the smallest of the Scilly Isles, is a stone throw from the water’s edge from all directions, which means water sports in abundance; snorkelling, kayaking and boating to name but a few. There is a gem of a hotel called the Hell Bay hotel where the food is incredible. Crab is used from the surrounding waters and the clotted ice cream is to die for.

Another little gem from the UK, and this time it’s Wales. Wales, unfortunately, might not sound very glamorous, but it is somewhat underrated. With some of the best coastline across the UK, some beautiful views and valleys to hike around, you’ll struggle to pick a fault with the country. Continuing on from Scilly, you can enjoy an exhilarating experience Coasteering along the rocky coastline before clambering back out to sea for a swim. You might even find yourself joining an Atlantic grey seal during your paddle too. Short breaks in the UK are definitely underrated, but that’s what makes them as good as they are.

We’ll move away from the UK for this last beautiful break away, not too far though. Majorca is often pigeon-holed for its partying and sunbathing but it offers so much more than that. Opt between the Tramuntana mountain range and the acres of fields and woods when enduring a four-night cycle break. Cycling holidays are an absolutely brilliant way to spend your break away because you can travel at your own pace, yet you get to see some absolutely stunning views, especially here. Certain packages offer unlimited use of a Vespasian spa and deep-tissue massages too, which definitely what you want after a long trek.

Whether you choose to stay in the UK or you want to sample a location across Europe, find a little gem like the ones mentioned and you will guarantee yourself a short break away that you can reflect on for years to come.

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