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Bad Parenting For Holidays Abroad

  • 8th Oct 2013
There has been a sudden rise in the number of families, couples and individuals booking cheap caravan holidays over going abroad and statistics show that almost 15% more people have opted for the cheaper alternative on familiar land.

This rise was significantly impacted by the rise in popularity of luxury caravan holidays which has been nicknamed ‘glamping’. Many people are led to believe that this is a result of the industries narrow escape against future government plans to officially introduce a 20% levy on VAT in regards to the sales of holiday homes for sale in the UK.

The government quickly decided to backtrack its plans, rethink their prospects and introduce a smaller increase of 5% VAT. Since then, it seems that the government’s change of heart is becoming contagious as caravan parks across the UK witnessed a 14% increase, compared to last year’s statistics, in advance bookings. It was estimated that a whopping £6billion was invested in the UK economy.

Research shows that, on average, parents will spend at least £400 on day trips and short breaks away, while 55% of parents are happy to remove their children from school during term time despite being fully aware that they may face fines if they do so to save up to £500 on holiday fees. This is because the cost of travelling and booking a resort abroad has been found to be considerably higher during school holidays and booking during term time may save parents a heap load of money.

But why ruin your child’s education for the sake of finding a cheap holiday abroad when there are a tonne of cheap caravan holiday’s available in the UK that offer the same rate of luxury and fun as a holiday abroad would.

To enquire about short breaks in the UK, get in touch with Allens Caravans today to take a peek at their extensive range of first-rate sites and nearby parks.

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