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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

  • 26th Feb 2013

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day and we found this truly heart warming story, it certainly made the staff here at Allens Caravans go tingly all over on hearing about this very brave little girl.

Ramona Gibbs won the Child of Courage Award at the Pride of Britain last year. It seems that a Land Rover accidently mounted the kerb and was speeding towards Ramonas’ little sister Trixie. Without a second thought Ramona pushed her little sister out of the way and took the full brunt of the car causing many injuries to herself.

It was later in the hospital when Trixie complained to her mother that her sister had pushed her while playing. It was then that they realised Ramona had saved Trixies life. Doctors confirmed that Trixie would have died if Ramona had not pushed her due to the size and strength of her small bones and organs.

Ramona was in hospital for over two weeks and treated for lung damage, liver damage, a broken leg, a broken rib, a bruised pelvis and serious internal bleeding.

After receiving the award Ramona was asked if she was in a lot of pain and she said it hurt a lot before adding “But I was all worth it, I really like her, she’s my best sister ever!”

We hope that story has bought you a smile, feel free to share this story with your friends and pass the smile around.

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