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A White Caravan Christmas

  • 21st Dec 2013
At a first thought, Christmas may seem like the worst time to get away from modern day life and escape from the stressful tangles of work however, given deeper thought Christmas is in fact a wonderful time to settle in a cosy caravan and spend some quality time with your family. Despite the foreseeable weather that Britain suffers every year, most modern caravans are fully equipped and insulated to provide a toasty space for you and your family.

Not only this, taking a festive break away in the winter allows you to select your most ideal caravan site while receiving peace and quiet on your holiday away in exchange. In comparison to the overpopulated, busy summer months winter holidays are a great way to guarantee beauty and tranquillity and with a distinct possibility of crisp white snow you could be in luck with a white Christmas.

While this all sounds fantastic, harsh winters can be incredibly unforgiving making it vital that you thoroughly prepare for your Christmas trip away. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your 2013 Christmas caravanning trip away:


Packing is an important stage in any trip away especially winter breaks. Be sure to pack extra layers such as additional t shirts, vests, thick woolly jumpers and socks, in case you find the cold weather to be too much. Also consider bringing extra blankets so that you can wrap up and stay warm should the temperature dramatically fall below zero degrees.

If you’re planning to go on a snowy walk during your stay then be sure to pack lots of appropriate outdoor clothing to keep you warm and safe from the cutting, frosty winds. Consider investing in thermal clothing along with a pair of sturdy walking boots, hats, gloves, scarfs and anything else you can find!


Depending on the location of your campsite, a few local food shops and on-site supermarkets may reduce their opening times or be closed throughout the season so be sure to stock up on enough food to keep you going throughout your holiday.


You can’t have Christmas in a caravan without a few decorations to jazz the place up a little! A festive themed caravan complete with fairy lights, strings of tinsel, a mini Christmas tree and illuminating LED reindeer figures has a magical and eccentric feel to it. Be as bold as you can be and transform your caravan into a life-sized Santa’s grotto – the neighbours will adore your display!

Christmas Dinner

Why not help to save hob space by roasting your turkey or chicken on the BBQ outside? Now this may not seem like the best idea especially in the blistering cold however, Australian citizens swear by the method and claim that it produces succulent, juicy meat perfect for your traditional Christmas roast.

So, why not book yourself on a last minute caravan holiday and enjoy a memorable trip away during this festive season.

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