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A taste of the great…indoors?

  • 27th Dec 2013

Whilst many caravanners choose to retire their caravans when the temperature starts to drop, it will come as good news to those who want to continue using their beloved vehicles that they no longer have to reach for the winter-proofing gear, as a new type of caravan park has been introduced that’s completely indoors.

At the BaseCamp Young Hostel in Germany, not only are the caravans safe against all weather conditions but they’re also themed, being given individual characteristics inspired by music, history and culture to provide a caravanning experience like no other.

Located in Bonn within a former storage facility, the site offers a selection of renovated caravans for visitors to stay the night in without having to worry about the weather. From 54 Euros a night, visitors can choose for themselves which caravan they want to relax in from twelve possibilities.

From steampunk to safari, the amount of creativity found within this indoor campsite is a major reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular, offering adventurers to chance to sleep in a nautical-themed caravan for example with their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Cast Your Anchor caravans, which feature maritime accessories both on the outside and inside and even come with decking outside for relaxing on.

There are also caravans present which have more of a feminine touch however, with their Eye Candy caravan being completely decked out in pink. There’s also the British-inspired Royal Bedchamber, featuring the Union Jack, floral prints and Victorian furniture fit enough for the Royal family to use, but for a truly relaxing experience the Fortune Cookie caravan is the one to go for. A perfect place for “trailer-meditation”, this Japanese-inspired vessel is ideal for a restorative break away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

You can also take a step back in time and relive Woodstock in the 1960s-inspired Give Peace a Chance caravan, painted a blaringly bright shade of orange and complete with vintage wallpaper and plastic trinkets. For more of a 1950s feel there’s the rockabilly A-Wop-Bop-a-Loo-Bop trailer, but if travelling back to the past isn’t for you there’s also the futuristic space camper A Trip to the Moon for you to live long and prosper in.

Despite being innovative in its designs, it’s not the first indoor caravan park that’s been created recently, with a Liverpool-based events venue opening Britain’s first indoor caravan park hotel in July last year. Importing vintage caravans from all across Europe, the urban campsite also boasted a bar and restaurant to help create a festival environment for visitors. Within Germany there’s also been an indoor caravan park established in Berlin within an old vacuum cleaner factory where campers can stay whatever the weather.

Despite being both innovative and creative, a major downfall of the ground-breaking caravan park however is the lack of weather and consequent artificial environment. For many avid caravanners listening to the rain fall on their caravan rooftop is a relaxing experience, alongside barbecuing on freshly cut grass in the summer and building snowmen outside in the winter. There’s also no space for you to host your own caravan, which proves a challenge for those who like their own space and would rather stay in their own accommodation. The colourful indoor caravan park at BaseCamp however certainly provides a new experience like no other for caravanners who think they’ve seen it all.

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