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A Home For All Seasons: Log Cabins In The Summer

  • 18th Dec 2013

There is something idyllic, if not a little nostalgic about a log cabin. The idea of being nestled amongst nature in a cosy, comfortable retreat is one that appeals to most people who desire freedom to explore as well as a luxurious home base to come back to. Such luxury log cabin holidays are getting increasingly popular in the summer months. To help you make the most of yours, here is a list of things you can do to keep everyone at the cabin entertained, all summer long.


1. Fire Up The Grill – nothing says summer like the mouth-watering smell of a barbecue in full swing with its steaks, burgers, chicken and kebabs sizzling away, inviting you to enjoy the smoky taste of summer
2. Summer Nights – after a busy day making the most of your summer there is nothing as refreshing or relaxing as a lazy evening walk, one where you get lost in a summer haze and just go wherever your feet take you
3. Make a Splash – summer means swimming pools; indoor, outdoor any kind you like. There is something liberating about splashing around in a pool, laughing, screaming and straight up playing - just like you used to do all summer long when you were a child
4. Day Trip – the beach is the world’s playground during summer. The freedom of feeling sand between your toes, splashing in the surf and munching on ice creams as you walk up and down the coastline all make for the perfect summer day
5. Fruits of Summer – with all the fresh fruit available, summer is the perfect time for you to experiment with things like fresh fruit smoothies, cocktails and “mocktails”. Alternatively you can keep it simple and serve up straightforward fresh fruit platters
6. Summer Escape – find your favourite spot in or outside of your cabin and do nothing but laze about in the sun. To truly escape it all and forget about the world just pop on some chilled out music, poor yourself a glass of something cold and float away on that summer breeze
7. Tasty Summer Treats – there is nothing sweeter than summertime treats whether you opt for homemade ice cream, DIY ice lollies or even the campfire classic - s’mores. As far as the s’mores go, if you can’t light your own campfire then use the grill, an indoor fireplace or even a candle if you fancy that authentic charred taste
8. Feel Refreshed – if ever a drink personified summer it’s fresh lemonade. By making your own fresh lemonade from scratch you can feel utterly refreshed as you hark back to innocent childhood summers, sipping away on the citrusy goodness
9. Summer Jams – holding a “backyard concert” is a fun, musical way to spend a summer afternoon. You can take the simple route of sticking on your favourite playlist and cranking up the sound or you can gather your companions’ musical talents and do a live showcase, just make sure everyone has fun
10. Create Outdoors – summer is perfect for exploring the great outdoors but it is also the best season to create things outdoors. Whilst rain is never very far away, the summer months offer hot dry days perfect for doing things like tie-dying sheets, painting outside and making collages with crafty or natural materials – plus, once you’ve finished your masterpieces they can become unique works of art to display in the cabin Whatever your reasons for whiling away summer days in a log cabin you have plenty of ideas to keep everyone occupied, whether it’s a cabin full of different tastes and personalities or just a couple of people looking for a summer escape.

For more information on Allens luxury log cabins, get in touch today!

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