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4 Ways to Keep the Kids Amused on your Winter Caravan Holiday

  • 7th Nov 2013

4 Ways to Keep the Kids Amused on your Winter Caravan Holiday

While using your caravan for any short breaks in the UK over the winter with your family, you might encounter a few problems regarding how to prevent children becoming easily bored. They can’t play outside in sub-zero temperatures, so they may easily see being limited to your caravan as not the best place where they can have fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you just take a few things with you in advance which are guaranteed to keep the kids amused, and provide them with a host of activities perfect for winter family caravan holidays.

Board games

Connect 4, Guess Who, Kerplunk – the list of popular family games available to enjoy is endless! If you already have some family favourites then make sure to bring them along, if not you can buy them from your local toy store, which is likely to have offers on for board games in the run up to Christmas. Even a simple pack of card can work wonders for keeping your kids entertained, with rules for family friendly card games such as Go Fish available freely online on websites like Wikihow or e-how.


Whilst you may not be able to watch live television, bringing a TV with a DVD player is ideal for family film nights on your caravan holiday. Sneak in their favourites into your luggage for a surprise, and if you don’t have a DVD player for your television, you could alternatively bring your laptop if it has a DVD drive and use a HDMI cable to stream from your computer.


Nothing will keep your kids quieter than a good book. Not only will it help give parents some peace and quiet, but it’s something all the family can join with after a long day of trekking outside. If your kids are slightly younger and not able to read just yet, the quiet environment of a caravan during winter will prove the perfect place to start helping them to learn.

Write postcards and letters

Encourage your kids to get creative and draw pictures of all their adventures they’re having on holiday to send back home to grandparents, aunties, uncles and other loved family members. Whilst also providing kids with an imaginative and colourful activity, it’ll also save you venturing outside to look for postcards if the weather becomes too daring to delve into.

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