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£148m Lottery Winners Buy A Mobile Home On A Holiday Park

  • 9th Nov 2012

£148m Lottery Winners Buy A Mobile Home On A Holiday Park

Husband and wife Gillian and Adrian Bayford recently won just over £148 million on the National Lottery. They wanted to treat their nearest and dearest and with the money they had won they were able to splash out on very expensive gifts.

Gillian’s parents, Ian and Brenda McCulloch lived in a static caravan on a holiday park which they loved dearly. Gillian asked them where they would like to move, ensuring them that money was no object. However Ian and Brenda McCullock loved the atmosphere, the sense of community and the security that a holiday park / residential park could offer that they decided they would ask Gillian for an upgrade and to move just one step up the property ladder.

Mr and Mrs McCulloch have asked their daughter for the gift to be in the form of a mobile home, instead of the static caravan they currently own. They down to earth couple love how spacious it is and are over the moon to be able to keep the community feel that they had at their last residential park.

A friend of the family has said how Gillian could have paid for the park where they are now living at least ten times over, but Ian and Brenda are happy where they are and have popped back to the old park a few times to keep in touch with their friends.

What would you buy if you won the lottery?

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